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Lynn Grant was raised in what she like to refer to as “old Overland Park.” She came to Southeast Kansas to attend college at Kansas State Teacher’s College, met her husband, Bob Grant, and never left. She and Bob lived in Cherokee, KS for 42 years, moving to Frontenac in 2011. After earning her BA in 1970, she worked for the US Census Bureau in Pittsburg. Lynn was employed by District 247 in Cherokee for 20 years, 3 as a para and 17 as school secretary. In order to help Bob  campaign to win back his seat as 2nd District State Representative in 1996, she took over running the family business, Idle-A-While Tavern & Grill in Cherokee until it closed in 2001. Lynn retired from the Business Office at PSU in 2011.

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The Issues

Transportation   Good highways, bridges and railways are essential to not only the safety of Kansans, but to the positive economic development needed in Southeast Kansas. Locally, US 69 must always be a top priority and Highway 7 north of Girard needs critical attention.

Jobs/economy    In order to attract businesses that will create full time, good paying jobs, I will support efforts to establish responsible tax policies and to protect education and infrastructure.   

Public Education    I am passionate about the Legislature supporting public education. That begins with fair funding of early childhood through post-secondary education, be it technical, trade or higher education, so all students have endless possibilities for their future. Good education is the cornerstone for a good society. It is also the best investment we can make for the good of our communities.

Local government control    Representatives to local government know our needs, priorities and are elected by the people in their community. I object to the current trend of the state making decisions for local governments and handing down mandates that adversely affect the ability of local governments to do their jobs.   

Health Care   I believe that all Kansans deserve affordable health care.  I will fight the tax policies and callous decisions that have contributed to lack of adequate treatment and facilities for those who undergo any kind of illness. Expansion of Medicaid MUST be on the table in the next Legislative session. We are judged by the way we treat our most vulnerable.

Higher Ed   Kansas must support the institutions that allow students to pursue a college education. Post secondary education enables people to learn and follow a path to a productive life no matter what course of study they choose. These institutions are drivers in economical benefits for their communities through employment and the services required for students. 

Judiciary   There are three, separate, independent branches of government because those checks and balances are essential to maintaining a system that is of, by and for the people.

Food Insecurity   With the decline of our small towns and their grocery stores, Kansas is beginning to experience “food deserts.” This doesn’t mean food is not available, but that healthy food is increasingly hard to get. The United States Department of Agriculture defines food insecurity as "limited or uncertain availability of nutritionally adequate and safe foods . . .”

People are getting fed but not in a way that contributes to overall good health.

We need to examine ways to rectify that to protect people of all ages in our communities.